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GSK is proud to support Save the Children’s emergency response work in the US through our partnership.  The organizations have worked together in the U.S. since 2015, helping children cope with natural disasters, with GSK providing corporate and employee donations to directly aid affected children and to help communities, child-serving institutions and families develop plans to increase the resilience of children experiencing disasters.

Disasters are scary and disruptive for kids – they take children away from their homes, their schools, their friends and can have lasting consequences,” said Jeanne-Aimée DeMarrais, Senior Director of U.S. Emergencies for Save the Children. “We are incredibly grateful to GSK for this grant which will grow our capacity and enable us to serve children across America in time of crisis.

What is the programme work within the US?

In 2019, GSK donated $1.5 million over three years to help enhance Save the Children’s ability to respond to disasters in the United States. This investment helps to mobilize rapid responses to help children affected by natural disasters, strengthen the capacity of staff and volunteers and increase Save the Children’s efficiency through data system improvements.

Featured Event: Orange United Week 2021

Orange United is GSK's internal fundraising campaign as part of our partnership with Save the Children.

This year, for Orange United Week, we are coming together for outdoor fun at the Orange United Festival! You can also get involved in our Virtual Global event, Miles for Vaccines, by setting your own ‘mile challenge’!

Every penny you raise is matched by GSK.

Let’s help save lives together.

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Featured: Supporting natural disasters

Helping to support children impacted by Hurricane Laura and the West Coast wildfires

If you would like to make a personal donation to Save the Children’s Hurricane Laura response, please use the following link and your donation will also be matched automatically by GSK to the Orange United global partnership.

Thanks to our support, Save the Children was able to act quickly and respond to recent US disasters, including Hurricane Laura, which made landfall in the Gulf Coast in August, and the ongoing wildfires in California and Washington.

Save the Children pre-positions critical supplies including hygiene kits, masks, hand sanitizer, diapers, wipes, cribs and other essentials to be quickly deployed and work with local partners to support childcare facilities, children and families affected by these disasters

Coronavirus and kids: you can help

With lives and learning at risk in the U.S. and around the world, here’s how you can help.

Baby's first book
– can buy a baby’s first book, providing comfort and inspiring a lifelong love of learning

Children's book
– can provide a precious book to stem learning loss for an out-of-school child in need

Feed five children
– can serve a nutritious breakfast and lunch to five out-of-school children in need

Learning supplies
– can deliver essentials that keep kids learning while out of school, like books, activities and supplies

10 full bellies
– can provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for 10 out-of-school children in need for one day

Early learning at home
$150 – can ensure five children participate in our home-based early learning program for a year

Feed a class
$200 – can serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to 20 children, now going without school-provided meals

Feed a school
– can deliver 3 meals to 250 children in rural poverty, now missing out on school-provided nutrition

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